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About Us

The Bra Market is a place where women come to be expertly fitted and find bras they love but get so much more.


We offer labels, styles, and sizes that are currently unavailable in Southern Indiana as well as an environment where women can feel safe, from judgment or criticism, can relax, and be comfortable sharing and “bearing”.


The Bra Market offers over 150 sizes, gives women the opportunity to try on the correct size and style, as well as educates them about a proper fit. Women will find themselves much better supported, looking, and feeling better in the right size and style bra rather than settling for ill-fitting and under-sized selections.


Our mission is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and needs discover the best fitting products they love to wear by giving them one-on-one personal attention and an environment where they can be comfortable. 


Customer service is important at The Bra Market and is done with excellence, compassion, kindness, honesty…and fun!

We Fill the Need



Over the years there has been more education on the importance of properly-fitted bras…but women are still wearing the wrong size!


Studies have shown that 76% of women overestimate their band size, and 84% underestimate their cup size. This is not because the sizes do not exist. In fact, manufactures have developed over 150 bra sizes to fit petite to the plus-sized women.


Though we can find a variety of bra styles locally, we can only find 32 sizes on average, giving little to no selection for women that do not fall within that range. This is why so many women are wearing the wrong size bra. We have settled for what we can find.


Sure, products are available on-line, but the fit is never guaranteed by just ordering according to a few measurements. This leads to the frustration of either the hassle of shipping it back, the waste of money as it sits in the drawer unworn, or wearing an ill-fitting, uncomfortable bra.


Settle no more! The Bra Market not only provides women with a diverse and beautiful selection of quality pieces she will love to wear and over 150 bra sizes she can try on but also with the expertise of a Certified Fitter to help discover the best fit and style!

The Bra Market is the first place to put me in something comfortable, pretty & good quality. The Bra Market

is based on making you happy & comfortable.

Their business is based on customer satisfaction.

Gayla C., Indiana

Excellent service. Excellent products. Completely personalized experience. You won't find anything comparable anywhere near here.

Jaime F., Jasper, Indiana
Our Fitter
Missy Helderman

As the owner of The Bra Market and a Certified Fitter, Missy brings nine years of bra fitting experience. In those nine years, she has seen firsthand how a properly fitting bra has the ability not only to improve the look and fit of clothes but also to have a profound way of building confidence and self-esteem in a woman.


Measurements are only a starting point. Missy is passionate about giving every woman the best experience and that goes beyond the tape measure. She believes that the more she knows about different bra styles and how they fit, fitting techniques and the latest products available, the better service she can provide her clients.

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Missy is hilarious! She’ll make you feel at ease

and make sure you’re fitted well!

Olivia C., Jasper, Indiana

Great experience! I have been fitted several times in the past by licensed specialists and Missy was the most kind, patient, and knowledgeable person that has ever fit me!!!!!!


Not only that, but she made me feel completely comfortable

and not rushed at all through the whole process! 
Love the store, love the staff!!!!!!!!!!

Deodra B., Otwell, Indiana
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