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Nope, this is not your "normal" online bra shop.

You won't see sizes but then again... The Bra Market is not the normal bra shop! 

We know that shopping for bras is NOT a Top 10 on our list of favorite things to do.

This is why we want to make re-ordering & pre-ordering for favorite bras simple!


With everything a girl has to remember, who can remember their bra sizes & styles they love?

We have our clients' Wish List and sizes at our fingertips.   

We are in the business of making Happy Girls...one bra at a time! 


Enter Shop


Re-ordering & Pre-ordering...made simple!

How it Works
As simple as 1-2-3
Happy Girls

(aka Bra Market Clients)

Because your sizes are on fileall you have to do is...

Step 1: Select your Favorite style & colors!

We have both current and upcoming

colors to choose from.

Step2: Tell us how many you want!

Remember: We recommend 4-6 good bras

in your weekly rotation.

Step3: Place your order!

You can place your order

and pay all in the same.

We will notify as soon as your bras are ready to be

picked up or when they have been shipped.

Remember: If you gained or lost weight or had other significant changes, you may need to be

refitted for the best fit.

Not a Bra Market client yet?

Because we are PASSIONATE about you having a PROPERLY FITTED bra,

we like to take our clients through a proper bra fitting before selling you a bra.

If you are local or planning a trip to Jasper, Indiana, you can schedule a fitting here

If you are not local, we are working on a fitting program

so we can offer everyone a proper fitting regardless of where you are located.

If you are interested in being a "Guinea Pig" contact us.

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